EASB OK 48.08_E7018-G(فروشگاه و نمایشگاه مرکزی الکترود شیراز)

Ok 48.08
type: Lime-basic
E 7018-G


Ok 48.08 is an LMA electrode with very good mechanical properties suitable for demanding applications, such as offshore. The weld metal contains approximately 1% Ni for high impact values down to -40 C. The coating is of the lastest LMA type for optimum resistance to prosity and hydrogen cracking. Ok 48.08 is CTOD tedted.



Welding current:

AC, DC+(-) OCV 65 V


SFA/AWS A5.5 E7018-G

Typical all weld metal composition:

C : 0.04 %
Si : 0.5 %
Mn : 0.6 %
Cr : 0.6 %
Cu : 0.3 %

Typical mech. properties all weld metal are in Certificate paper